Free Highest Paid Survey Review

**UPDATED** Read my reviews of the BEST online survey companies

A Free Highest Paid Survey Review article was needed to dispell some myths about how to get paid for online surveys.  (If you want to skip straight to the reviews of the best survey sites, click here)

What can I find the highest paid survey site?
Are membership sites better than free paid survey sites?
How much can I get paid to take online surveys?

These are some questions most beginners have.  Unfortunately, these "free" survey sites aren't what they seem to be, not if you are looking to earn a good living getting paid to take online surveys.

People think joining free paid survey sites might be the best option when starting out, but if you are serious about making money online with surveys, I urge you to STAY AWAY from free paid survey companies.  You'll never get the highest paid surveys.  Most of the time they only list 20-30 market research companies, which is nowhere NEAR enough to make a decent amount of money. Also, most of the free sites only list the companies that PAY THEM every time a potential participant registers. You will most likely get exactly what you paid for - nothing!

Membership sites, on the other hand, will usually have listings of OVER 400 QUALITY survey companies.  These companies will pay you to:

Take online surveys
Take phone surveys
Participate in focus groups (offline and online)
Try new products (and keep them!)
Preview new movie trailors (then one is great- paid to watch TV basically)

You see, to really get paid for online surveys, you need to sign up with A LOT of research companies, because not all companies will have surveys for you at all times.  The more companies you are registered with, the more money you can make!

Which Paid Survey Site?

You might be tempted to sign up with a free paid survey company, but it really isn't worth your time.  You won't find any of the highest paid surveys.  By spending just $20-$40 you can find a REPUTABLE membership site so that you WILL make money!

Read my reviews of the BEST online survey companies

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